Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ninjas Killed my Family, Need Money for Kung-Fu Lessons.

Ninjas killed my family need money for karate lessons is one of the more innovative signs created by this homeless gentleman with an honorary degree in marketing outside Madison Square Garden in NYC. Getting killed by ninjas is definitely not good but I don't think rushing into revenge is a good idea either. I also don't think taking Kung-Fu lessons would do him any good since he would be going up against a ninja or ninjas for that matter. I think the money would be better spend taking up ninja lessons or maybe starting his own marketing firm to help other homeless people with their marketing plan to raise money for various other projects.I also love the fact that this guy has a web site, his is incorporated and shows off a variety of happy faces.

If you find yourself in the same predicament and need to raise some quick money for Kung-Fu lessons, this sign is now available as a T shirt. That way you can collect money and still fight off ninjas without having to hold up a bulky cardboard sign.

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