Saturday, December 26, 2009

Cardboard Chrstmas Tree

Cardboard Christmas Tree in Action
Cardboard Christmas Tree in Action
Cardboard Christmas Trees come in Regular and White
Cardboard Christmas Trees come in Regular and White
Here is the ultimate feel good Christmas Tree made from recycled cardboard. It has all the joy of a regular Christmas tree without all the guilt of regular Christmas tree. These realistic life like looking trees were designed and developed by Cloud Gate Design LLC, a Chicago based design house as a way to bring environmentally conscious product alternatives to market. Also a portion of the profits from the sales are donated to the Arbor Day Foundation's Trees for America program.

So instead of cutting a regular Christmas now, you travel back in time and cut a regular tree down to make cardboard for some future event when its finally converted into a "faux" Christmas tree. Thus distancing and removing our selves from the vicinity of any guilt associated with the cutting of a tree. That makes sense.

Also the best part about the Cardboard Christmas tree is that it requires no water and will burst into a ball of fire much faster than a regular tree. Its also much easier to stow away in the recycling bin come Christmas morning with the rest of the gift wrapping.

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